International Sessendo Martial Arts has evolved from a Martial Arts called Tora Bushido, founded by Dai-San Richard Thomas. Sessendo is a combination of close combat arts, utilising the best techniques from various forms of Martial Arts. Sessendo's main objective is to develop an environment where everyone feels welcome and most of all safe. Sessendo in Japanese Romani means The Way of Close Combat.

Sessendo's main vision is to develop an environment where everyone feels welcome and most of all, Safe. Martial Arts is my life, it is a medium through which I can reach people and help to develop personal growth. I have always had the philosophy that I am not a teacher but rather a facilitator, I am a leader that leads from behind, giving support, encouragement, developing self-esteem and empowerment to the individual. When a participant has all of the above elements of support, he/she is capable of great things given the right opportunities.

Traditionally Martial Arts have always been a discipline which requires the participant to develop a degree of mental and physical toughness, through spirituality. I have the belief that if you can equip the individual with essential tools of the Mind, Body and spirit and give students the ability to develop at their own pace, that individual will become a force to be reckoned with. Overall a degree of discipline is still a requirementand an expectation from many practitioners. Unfortunately it is with discipline that we have a dilemma and the dilemma is, how can a practitioner with no discipline practice Martial Arts on a consistent basis.

Martial Arts has always attracted the disciplined anyway and any student who could not cope with this type of environment would fall by the wayside within the first 3 or 4 lessons. Sessendo attempts to address this problem by catering for the individual and allowing the student to develop as an individual and not as a homgenous group. This observation is based upon my experience working as a Counsellor and Behaviour Management Teacher with hundreds of young people who lack discipline and self-control. It is said that one half of the western world population has tried a combative martial arts of some kind atleast once in their life. The problem has alway been maintaining a life long commitment. Sesendo Martial Arts would like to address this by treating all participants with Respect and most of all keeping everyone Safe. I hope to see you soon!

Richard Thomas

Dai-San (Founder: Sessendo/Tora bushido)

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